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So why Twitter?  You may well ask...

It was about nine years ago now, I was working happily in the world of sales running a sales agency business with my partner Rob, we worked well together within the arts and crafts industry. I was travelling the length and breadth of the country showcasing some awesome merchandise into the trade sector. Life was good! Life was fun!

After a prolonged period of feeling unwell and several tests later my worst fears were confirmed. I was diagnosed with a heart condition called Dilated Cardiomyopathy, a condition that was well known within the family!

Life sure did change! Almost overnight everything shifted. I could no longer haul the heavy cases of samples and work the long hours that were in fact fun.  Yes, I did allow myself a few weeks to have a pity party! You know that old saying “too much knowledge can be dangerous” ~ well in this case that was very true!  

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After giving myself a real good talking to, picking myself up and brushing myself down I started on the mission to find out what I could do that would work around my condition.

We then tried our hand (myself and Rob) at designing and manufacturing of our very own product range for the paper craft industry - now that was even more fun! Dealing with Create & Craft TV and the crafting magazines was a challenge on its own. One which came naturally. Taking our very own stand at the annual NEC Arts & Crafts Exhibition was just awesome.

However, with the quick and vast change within the crafting industry and things turning to online, along with health issues, it was time to find another avenue.

Social Media was the thing that jumped out at me. I started with the freebies and quickly progressed through the intermediate and advanced trainings on offer.

I was able to chat to my old principles who were more than happy to get themselves out into the world of social media and let me help them! Result!

It became quickly obvious to me that this was my way forward. Long story short, I gravitated towards Twitter and have grown from strength to strength within this major platform.  Twitter really is one the most misunderstood platforms in the world of social media. 

To this end I made it my mission to design and produce my ‘Tweet Like A Pro Twitter Academy’. I wanted that something to show people how powerful Twitter is in the marketing of their business and how successful it can be at bringing in those leads for the business.

Don’t just listen to me - let one of my amazing clients tell you for herself!
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